On the day I turned 57 I thought of all those who were no longer with me to see the day - my mother who passed in 2008, my father who passed in 1971, and my sister whom I just lost a few weeks ago. Three grandchildren lost in the past few years, grandparents many, many years ago, as well as uncles, aunts, and cousins are all gone from this earth.
I also looked at the famous who shared my year of birth, Michael Jackson - gone. But Madonna and Joan Jett are still hanging in here with me. Why is it famous people don’t seem to age? Oh well. My years may be showing, but I am most thankful to still be here and thankful for all those people in my life who are still hanging in here with me.
I am thankful for the miracle of fb that has reconnected me with friends from long ago and with family members who are distant. Doesn’t a simple thing like people taking the time to “post” “Happy Birthday’’ make the day so much happier? Thank you fb. Birthdays are so much better because of you.
The day isn’t over yet, but so far I have had two huge blessings in my life. First of all my brother who is 78 years old called me yesterday and wished me a Happy Birthday. I cried. You may say, “So what? A call, big deal.” But if you knew the whole story you would understand my elation.
My second blessing came from a very special fb post from my granddaughter. You see this is not only my birthday but also my anniversary. Yes, I eloped with the love of my life the day I turned 18. Today my newlywed granddaughter made mention to her new husband of our special day. She even added this hashtag to the worn old picture of my husband and I sitting on my mom’s couch way back in 1976, #relationshipgoals.
Tears. If we have done nothing in our thirty-nine years of marriage but set some kind of example for our grandchildren of the worthiness of staying together, we have done well. Yes, I am feeling very blessed and thankful as I began my fifty-seventh year of life and my thirty-ninth year of marriage with the love of my life.