Butterfly Angels?
I have been seeing all these posts lately about butterflies being a loved one from Heaven visiting. Seems if they light on you it is a sure bet it is your Grandma Sadie, or your brother Tom. Now butterflies are truly beautiful, God's creation, but can a butterfly be a loved one returning to earth?
When we pass on to Heaven we don't become beautiful winged butterflies. We don’t even become angels with wings. Yes, we get new glorified bodies, get to be in Paradise with Jesus and the angels who are already there, but no halos, or angel wings for us humans. Angels were created by God to be His agents to carry out His plan and minister to Christ-followers. They were never human beings but always have been Heavenly beings. Butterflies have always been part of God’s beautiful creation which we get to enjoy while we are on earth.
Saturday this Christ follower had my own possible angel experience via a butterfly or maybe not. It was a beautiful moment from God, to say the least.
Saturday morning I got up early to go for breakfast as I usually do on my day off. As I got ready to go out the door, one problem arose. My car keys were missing. I looked high and low, up and down, under and over, inside and out. I remembered my imaginative three-year-old grandson had been there the evening before along with Spiderman, a fireman, and a lot of his other "friends." I called my son and asked him to ask Jaxon if he had my car keys. He, of course, said, "No."
Exhausted from my search and hungry, I asked my son to go to Hardee's and bring my breakfast. I told him ham biscuit and senior coffee. He said he wasn't a senior. I told him to tell them it was for his "elderly" mother.
After the phone call, I immediately thought of the same conversation I had with my mom years ago. I, in my forties at the time, also hated to ask for anything senior, and refused to do so for quite a while. As I sat and waited impatiently for my biscuit and coffee, I continued to think of my mother. She too was always waiting for me to get there early every day with her breakfast. At that point, I began singing The Circle of Life from Lion King. However, that didn’t cause my food to get there any faster.
When my son brought my food, he walked around the yard looking for my keys. I stood on the carport with a pretty butterfly circling all around. Christopher came back around the corner and handed me my keys that he found lying on the lawnmower. The butterfly landed at my feet. I thought of all the posts I had seen lately about Heavenly visitors. I asked my son did he see the butterfly where he found the keys. He looked at me as if I were crazy and said, “No.” I told him according to FB posts Mammy might have sent the butterfly to find the keys. He laughed and again looked at me as if I had lost my mind.
In a moment of weakness, I let my mind wander to thoughts of my mom coming down to help me find my keys, which I know is not actually biblical. But of course, angels are biblical. An angelic butterfly? I don’t know. Could it be possible?
I love the story in Numbers 22:21-33 about the donkey seeing the Angel of the Lord and the donkey, (yes, the donkey) actually spoke. If God caused a donkey to speak when he saw an angel, I believe anything is possible. That is biblical I believe... All things are possible with God. Which is I believe the moral to this story.
Believe my friend that God is good and angels are real. And oh yes, don’t leave your car keys where a three-year-old and Spiderman might find them. Butterfly angels might be busy next time. Who knows in this circle of life we are all living in?