On Billy Graham's Passing

So many have things to say about Reverend Graham and the effect he had on their lives. I, along with millions of others, remember watching him as I set on the floor in front of a very small black and white set. My mom always watched. We weren't a church-attending family, but Billy Graham's Crusade message was always listened to attentively.

I remember the invitation and seeing all the people go down to accept Jesus as "Just As I Am" echoed from thousands of voices. I can remember praying "the" prayer with my small hands clasped, head bowed, peeking at the screen between words. I think I accepted Jesus every single crusade from age five on. Reverend Graham allowing God to speak through him had that effect on me, and so many others I am sure.

Think of all who were saved because of him. Think of all who have the exact happy memories as I do. It is said he was America's pastor. I believe that. I believe his prayers for this country reached Heaven on a daily basis.

Who will carry on his work? Who will pray for America now? I pray we all do.

Enjoy Heaven Billy Graham. Say hi to my mom for me.