A Picture with Dad
I wish I had a picture.
It would be so nice.
To have that picture.
I would give any price.
A picture of me and my dad,
Doing something, anything, side by side.
A picture of us, me and my dad,
With love on display with nothing to hide.
However, there is no picture of me and my dad.
Not one - Not any - Nowhere of us
No picture of me and my dad,
With him holding me making a fuss.
No picture when I was small, or grown, with Dad
I wonder what that would be like
To have that picture when I was young, or old,
with Dad Sitting in a chair, playing, or going on a hike.
Did he not love me not even a little, my dad?
Not to want to hold me and have a picture to hold in his hand.
Maybe he did love me a little, my dad
Oh, what I would give to ask him why,
my dad, that man.