There is a Christian song with these words, "I want to leave a legacy; how will they remember me? Did I choose to love?" Those words are truly a mouthful, aren't they? I thought of that song this Thanksgiving. God seemed to be breathing His healing breath into hearts. My husband and I went to several dinners and got to see all six of our children and most of our grandchildren over the holiday. It was nice to have others cook and serve me. All the meals were great, but one stood out because of the legacy served with it.

At my second oldest daughter's house, we had such a nice dinner. There were turkey and ham, baked beans and "taters" - all the usual fixings. What made me proudest was the desert - a banana pudding. Rhonda boasted, "Mama taught me how I fixed it just like hers."

I don't like to boast, but if I am famous for anything at all, it is my banana pudding, which actually is my mother's banana's pudding, which was actually her mom's before her. Now, that's as far as I know of that this puddin' party goes back. It could have been earlier.

I won't reveal all of my secret recipes, but there is some sugar, bananas, wafers and of course, eggs that have to be separated just right, beaten just right, cooked just right, and so on. When I tasted that pudding I was so proud. She did it eggactly right.

There is more to this l"egg"acy tale to be told. Deviled eggs were also served. My daughter's friend made this comment, "I have never seen anyone cut eggs in the center instead of longways, who does that?" Rhonda and I looked at each other and smiled. Who? Christine Hanson (my mother) that's who.

During this holiday season take a look at where you are now, where you have been, and where you are going. You can choose to leave a legacy of love with your family. Eat together, laugh together, remember together. Forgive them. Love them.