No, you don't have to be a veteran or a survivor of some well-known tragedy to suffer from PTSD. A lot of us have survived a lot of chaos in our lives some of which we brought on ourselves by not standing up for ourselves or by escaping the unimaginable stress we chose to endure. But even so, the mind has ways of helping us out it seems. When you realize there are chunks of memories missing it could be for a good reason. Some things are best left forgotten. Memories of unbearable painful traumatic stressful times can be pleasantly taken from us. God is good like that.
However, with what seems like years worth of bad memories missing the good things that happened during those chunks of time are gone as well. Every once in a while someone will remind you of some of the good that was mixed in with the bad. Thanks, Hunter Parker for the memory flash you gave me the other day of something happy (#artsandcrafts)  which was completely hidden in some of those dumped files in the recycle bin of my brain.