Giants and More Giants

Just because you kill one giant, doesn't mean you will never have another one seek to destroy you. 

In II Samuel 21 the descendants of the giant David killed continued to try to slay him with things such as " a spear weighing three hundred shekels of brass" and "a new sword." Ishbibenob, one of the giant's sons thought he had killed David who had simply fainted. 

But David's servants stepped in and finished this battle. They told King David that he would no longer have to go out and fight the giants, but they would do it for him. They went on to kill two more of the giant's sons and his brother. One of the giants had twelve fingers and twelve toes! 

Life is a battle against a giant enemy with various weapons, sometimes thought to be new. But we who are in Christ have someone who helps us fight our giants when we faint, grow old and weak. Never give up. God of the angel armies is with us. He will fight our battles when we think all hope is lost.