A Good Teacher

Yesterday was my three-year-old grandson's birthday party at The House of Bounce. There were lots and lots of kids -big kids, little kids, and babies all bouncing. Now personally, I didn't do any bouncing. I simply found a chair and sat and observed. A young lady who was with my son's teenage stepdaughter approached me. She asked, "Aren't you Ms. Judy?' I said, "Yes." She then asked, "From Word of Life Church?" I said, "Yes, I went there for years." She said, "I am Summer! I was in your class in the Blue Room! You were my favorite teacher there. You are the best teacher I ever had!" I had to go outside and cry a bit. I thought of my favorite Sunday School teacher when I was a child at Tupelo Free Will Baptist Church. Mrs. Byrd led me to Jesus week after week. Just the thought that now someone was putting me in a category with that Godly woman was a bit overwhelming. Never think what you do for Jesus doesn't matter. The little things mean a lot. You never know what person Jesus has you at a particular place at a particular time for. Be sensitive to the Spirit and be a good teacher to someone wherever you may be today.