Hurt is a funny thing. It starts off as a gnawing pain deep inside.  Slowly you begin to let the hurt out. When hurt is let out it often turns to anger. Anger often turns to bitterness. Finally, you realize, it is time to get up and get on with the game.  

Life is too short to let it pass by without doing what you are meant to do. No more time outs, sitting still, refusing to budge. The reset button has been pushed. 

"Sometimes, when you are on a losing streak, you start feeling sorry for yourself. But, hey, life goes on and games go on, and their going to keep playing them while you're sulking. So, you've got to let it go and win the next one" Cuttino Mobley

So here is to winning the next one. I hope you enjoy the new writing. Click on the titles across the top of this page to read new devotionals.