Nobody Tells You

Nobody tells you when you are a kid to enjoy every single minute of Christmas. They don't tell you to remember the details of tearing the paper off and asking your dad did he see Santa. To remember the smells, the noise, the joy on your mother's face, the feeling of being safe, happy, and fulfilled. They don't tell you to play with those toys longer and don't try to grow up so fast.

Nobody tells you that you will be an adult before you know it and have kids of your own to watch play with their toys and sling paper everywhere.

Nobody tells you when your kids are running you crazy asking for more and more from Santa...and you are running yourself crazy worrying if they will be happy with what Santa brings... Nobody tells you then you should be enjoying that worry.

Nobody tells you when you have to sit up all night on Christmas Eve waiting for them to go to sleep and you call your mother and ask her does she have an extra pack of double AA batteries you can have... and you tell her when she asks, "No, they aren't asleep yet." You talk to her for an hour or so about who is on the Johnny Carson show to simply pass the time till they do go to sleep.

Nobody tells you one day this will all be gone. Christmas will be just another day to you. Your mom will pass on. Your kids will grow up. Then their kids will grow up. It will happen as fast as the pretty little twinkle lights flash on and off on your tree. Then you will find yourself waking up on Christmas morning trying your best to remember what Christmas felt like back when you were a kid, or when your kids were kids, or when your grandkids were kids.

Enjoy Christmas. It is so much more than just another day.