If Jesus Used Redbox

Saturday my husband asked that I see if there were any westerns in the Redbox. So we, and our puppy, Bell, rode to Wal-Mart. They let me out at the front door to run in and check out the movie. No one in line. I thought, "Great! This won't take but a minute." I made my selection, hit check out button, slid my card, and beep... beep... beep. It would not take the card. I swiped up and down and flipped it from side to side. Still beep...beep...beep.

Suddenly, an unsavory looking character appeared. He had on black pajama pants with white skulls, a gray hoody pulled over his head almost covering his eyes, a long, scruffy red beard. He said, "I'll help you. I do this all the time." (Like I was too old to figure out the machine I thought) I said, " No thanks. I think it is just my card." However, he still got too close for comfort, right in my space, in my face even, and attempted to take my card from my hand saying, "Let me try it." I scurried away. 

I found my husband in the truck, said, "Come in here with me, this man tried to take my card out of my hand." He quickly got out of the truck. I picked up Puppy and away we went. 

Once inside the door, Puppy seemed to say, "So this is Wal-Mart." She shook at the sight of the man still standing at the Redbox. It was like she sensed danger as he began to speak loudly to someone on the phone. I handed her to my husband.