Insignificant Stuff
My mother passed in 2008. I remember my sister and I going through all her things, keeping keepsakes, donating clothes, keeping clothes, discarding things we could not see the significance of such as margarine containers. We mostly divided all her dishes, what knots, etc. All the cards were divided too... many many many cards. If I sent the cards I got them back. If Debbie sent the cards she got them back. Now it has been almost a year since Debbie passed and went to join mother up in Heaven. Her husband has gradually been packing her things, going through keeping, donating, discarding.... sounds so familiar. The things that my sister and I so carefully divided between us that belonged to mother are finding their way back to me. Her husband gave me some of mom's dishes meticulously packed in a box a few months ago. Now he has finally gotten most all of her things packed that he isn't keeping. He told me I could have them to go through before they are donated to see what I want. One box is labeled "Christine Hanson's (my mom) Personal Effects."Guess what's inside? Those cards! All our stuff here is just stuff. One day somebody else will get that box and wonder why in the world I kept such insignificant stuff. I hope when somebody goes through my belongings one day they will know I am in Heaven and don't really care what they do with all the stuff. My prayer is for all my loved ones to get their minds on Heavenly things and not concentrate so much on earthly things that will eventually be destroyed.