So many people post so many things that we really don't care to see or hear about. I know my posts are not everyone's cup of tea and no matter how "Jesusy" they are, my posts are too much information for some. 

But I do hate all the hate, the fussing and fighting on fb, so among my religious posts, anything that someone posts that brings a smile or a laugh in a positive way is often shared. Cows with sunglasses, goats dancing, horses being lazy, kitties and puppies being cute...

All that being said I have a Pomeranian puppy who of course is my house dog. She is my companion who makes me smile and makes bad days better. 

We live on a highway but it is pretty far off the road. Behind the house is nothing but bean fields. She knows to go towards the back and never towards the highway to take care of business

I guess I trained Bell by always saying, "Go that way," which she always does. Then I say, "Use the bathroom" and she does. Sometimes she will sneak towards the fence and cross into the field before I can stop her. She will run like it is a game of chase we are playing. Some days I don't mind playing, but sometimes it is cold and I don't have the time to walk through wet grass and yell for her to come on. 

The dog is really smart. She knows when I am frustrated and not in any mood to play, or walk to that fence. I noticed if I scold her for going all the way to the fence, as we approach the house, she squats down for a split second beside me while looking at me with those precious puppy dog eyes and pretends to pee again before we go in. Yep, she fake pees after she has already taken care of business to keep me from being upset with her. 

Anybody else ever had a puppy do that? I don't think so because like I tell Bell, (as we go back in and she is rewarded with a treat. ) she is the smartest puppy in the whole wide world...