My favorite Mother’s Day story I can recall is of a young girl riding the school “wagon” home from school about 1925. She found a nickel under an oak tree and bought an apple at school. The following Sunday was Mother’s Day. The eight-year-old fully intended to give her mother the apple as a gift, but on the long bumpy ride home, she took first one little bite, then another, and another, until all that was left was the core. She gently wrapped the core in her handkerchief, gave it to her mom as a gift, and asked her to plant the seeds. An apple tree grew. Years later my mother told her mom the truth about the apple she had intended to give. Of course, her mom already knew. They laughed and ate another apple from the tree. It was the thought that counted most and that grew with much love through the years. The little seeds birthed this story I pass on to you today. Put some thought into your giving and watch it grow. Happy Mother’s Day.