God Knows My Worth

My grandson has a change jar in his room with an automatic talking counter and a digital total displayed. You put in a quarter and it says,"twenty-five cents"  It then goes on to give the total, Clay was all the way up to $55.47 last week before he went to his mom's.   Last night my husband and I decided his little brothers had taken some of the change. We decided to check and make sure.  We cleared the counter, poured out all the change and started counting.  After depositing about ten dollars worth of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies my husband said, "This is going to take all night."  At that, I took over the project and continued placing coins in the jar till they all were safely inside.   Total $50.22  Yep, they took about five dollars it seems. I knew to avoid WW III it would be wise to deposit $5.25. So, it was deposited Total $55.47.  The jar's worth was safely restored. Clay would never know the jar's integrity was compromised.

Today I have thought a lot about the change jar.  What is my value? What is my worth?  Throughout my life, things have been deposited into my heart and mind.  What if on my forehead the total was clearly displayed for the world to see?  Knowledge, love, memories, hurts, dreams, hopes, fears, hate, mistrust, happiness, depression, evil, good and on it goes.  Each of these things is inside. What is each worth?  Every thought I think, every prayer I pray -there all there.  Some things that are deposited are absolutely worthless. Some things are worth everything to me.  A lifetime worth of stuff - how much is it worth?  How much am I worth?

People take from us. People add to us.  Sometimes we feel as if we are worthless and have nothing left to give. Our integrity is questioned.  We feel as if our very being has been compromised.  But remember God sees us as beautiful.  He paid a very high price for us. He gave His Son.  He knows our worth.  No matter how long it takes, He believes we are worth pursuing, hoping we will one day be completely full of His Spirit.


1 Corinthians 6:20 -  For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.